What to do in Pattaya

What to do in Pattaya to get a lot of new sensations, see all the most interesting things and at the same time have time to relax on the beach and relax. We have made a small holiday plan in Pattaya, combining interesting excursions, sights and beach holidays.

  • Temples of Pattaya .
The most famous monastery in Pattaya-Wat Yan Sangvararam-is located 15 km south of the hotel complex.
  • Elephant farm.
Here, visitors can feed elephants and ride them around the countryside.
  • Tropical garden "Nong Nooch".
The abundance of tropical flowers, orchids and other plants in this beautiful huge garden will not leave anyone indifferent. There are daily shows of Thai culture with classical dances and elephant fights, there is also an aviary with exotic songbirds and a mini-zoo.
  • Entertainment shows
"Alcazar "" Tiffany " are cheerful transvestites who amaze the audience with their pop talents.
  • Shopping.
Thanks to the appearance of large modern shopping centers with boutiques, restaurants and entertainment in Pattaya, shopping in this city has become truly tempting.
  • Water sports.
Pattaya is a resort for active recreation, famous for a wide variety of water activities, such as scooters, water skiing, bananas, water parachutes, windsurfing, scuba diving and fishing. At the Whale Marina Condo complex, you can rent water equipment and go around the islands both individually and as a group, accompanied by experienced athletes.
  • Islands .
Koh Lan Island-departure of the ferry from Bali hai pier Koh Samet Island departure of the ferry from Laem Sok Pier / to the pier you can order an individual transfer in our company.
  • The Temple of Truth.
 This wooden temple is considered one of the most majestic architectural attractions in Thailand. This is a beautiful monument of Buddhist culture and architecture.
  • 3D Art in Paradise Painting Museum.
There are more than 150 interactive 3D canvases in this world's largest museum of illusions. You can not only look at the paintings, but also become a part of them. The museum will allow you to return to your childhood for a short time and leave the most wonderful memories.

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